Tourniquet - Parfum Extract 1oz

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Grotesque and daring will be a polite way of examining a fragrance like this one. Most people enjoy the comfort of safe fragrances, pretty, sexy, gorgeous , alluring, blah , blah blah... 

Boring perfumes have no place in here ! 

And that's a bold statement, but you know what ? "I don't care". Beware were you wear this because you will be noticed and that's a good thing. 

As time passes along we will have the pressure to perform beyond comprehension, let's do it flawlessly, with intense measure. To stop the flow and constrict; but never let life be a Tourniquet.

Fragrance profile:

amber - vanilla - patchouli - sandalwood - bergamot - musc - bitter orange - tobacco - pink pepper - bourbon - berries - burnt sugar - civet